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Tips on Finding a Cat Door for Window

Posted on 02 aug 2016 by Julie Hood

People and renters, who don't wish to make holes in their walls and doors, can greatly benefit from the industry manufacturing different sorts of pet products. So, you may consider yourself to be a lucky people who lives in the most preferable times as you're offered excellent solutions to your most urgent troubles with your pets. If you have a cat, you will highly appreciate having a cat door for window in your house.

It's important to emphasize the fact that a cat door for window is not only affordable to almost every pet owner but is also very easy to install. It proves very beneficial for people who have a sash window, the one that moves up and down. The greater number of these pet doors has adjustable sides that guarantee their snug fitting into the window. Usually, these doors are produced from clear materials to make the view through the window clearer.

So, if you've decided to install a cat door for window in your house as well, you're recommended to follow the next tips on finding and installing this significant part of your home.

1) First of all, the screen must be removed and stored in a flat position not to be damaged by anyone or anything. Usually, locating it under a bed is the best variant, as well as under your dryer or washer. It won't be reached by your small children and pets in this place.

2) Further, you'll need to raise the sash and take the measurements of the width inside the track. With this number you will know what type of a cat door for window should be purchased. This pet door will fit the size of your window in a perfect way and fit it securely.

3) If you buy a cat door for window with a cover that can lock, keep in mind that it slides down from the top. For this reason you should have enough clearance for this process. It's a wise idea to measure the opening of the cat door for window you are considering and simply double that number. This measurement should be compared to the length of the window in which you're going to install it.

4) Finally, you'll need to check whether your window is single pane or doubled pane. Thus, if you live in a rather new house or the area where winters are cold, you probably have double-paned windows. In this case you're advised to purchase a dual pane cat door for window. But at first you'll have to measure the depth of your window as you, certainly don't wish the cat door for window stick out more than the window.

You can use one of the following ways to still "lock" the window. First, you can locate a wood screw above the window into any side of the tracks. But if you're going to open your window rather often, it's recommended to cut two small wooden dowels which should be wedged in the tracks. This should be done when the window is in a closed position.

You can get a cat door for window for a very small kitten. In this case it should be directly installed into the glass. Another option for you is to take the window pane to a specialist who has the necessary tools to install your cat door for window in the best way. And if you have tempered glass (the one with a little "bug" in the corner known as indicia) you won't be able to cut it on your own. Many contemporary casements have tempered glass as well. It's better to change the glass into a material that looks like glass and at the same time can be drilled and cut with ease. Lexan is the best variant, but ensure that it's not easy to scratch and is minimum 3/16 thick.