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Everything You Should Know About Andrews University

Posted on 12 nov 2016 by Julie Hood

Andrews University is a private university which is situated in Berrien Springs, in the state of Michigan in approximately 25 miles from South Bend in the state of Indiana and almost 100 miles from Chicago. Andrews University was founded in the year of 1874 by the Seventh-day Adventists, and nowadays it is well-known as the Flagship University of the Seventh-day Adventists school system. Earlier Andrews University used to be not so large as it is today. Until the year of 1959 the university carried a few different names, nevertheless, after the graduate program as well as theological seminary of Potomac University left Washington, D.C. and was united with the college, we have got Andrews University as it is known today.

It has to be mentioned that although Andrews University is not very popular across the United States of America, it is more known to emphasize the practice of research more, like some other schools in the state of Michigan. Generally, Andrews University has received a donation of approximately $20 million. In addition, due to its good mission, it is proud of the most dedicated and sincere students. Andrews University has a very homely style, surrounding and architecture. Thus, its campus is situated on about 1,600 acres, and is designed in a very private style. It is always pleasant to go for a walk to the shores of Lake Michigan which flows not far from the campus of Andrews University. The territory of the university and its campus is somewhat hidden from the outer environment and transportation. So, you are not going to listen to constant noise of traffic because the nearest bus station is situated in some 10 miles away, and nothing can distract you from the process of studying. Besides, there is a wide range of working positions for students on the territory of the campus. This is not obligatory, but many students (approximately 70%) work with pleasure either full or part-time.

It has to be emphasized that Andrews University belongs to party schools in a way. Thus, alcohol is strictly forbidden on the territory of the campus, as well as visits of dormitory rooms by people presenting the opposite sex are. Besides, the university has its own dress code, hair code and honor code. Smoking is forbidden as well. Besides, students living on campus are required to visit worship services. Nevertheless, the whole campus is wired for high speed internet that is why all young people have access to it not only for the studying process but also for their own needs and interests. Probably, many people will wonder - why do young full of energy people go to study at Andrews University? Well, there two possible answers to this question: either a student is a Seventh-day Adventist, or a person just wants to receive a high-level education. There are about 300 faculty members working in Andrews University, all of whom are well-experienced and aware of their mission. The proportion between the faculty staff and the number of students is about 10:1.

Andrews University consists of six colleges, which suggest 85 undergraduate majors and 50 graduate majors. A few fields offer Master's degrees and Doctorate degrees as part of the School of Graduate Studies. By the way, the largest school among the other colleges is the College of Arts and Sciences. College of Arts and Sciences suggests twenty various departments specializing in a number of specialties in such fields as humanities, social sciences, fine arts, and hard sciences. In addition, the College of Arts and Sciences provides its students with a number of pre-law and pre-med programs. Nevertheless, the greater part of all students who make up their minds to make a career in Medicine and healthcare transfer to Loma Linda University. Loma Linda University is situated in California and is also a significant part of the Seventh-day Adventist school system. If you consider yourself to be a person with a special calling in life you should know that there is a wide range of other institutes for you including School of Architecture (which is extremely honorable), the College of Technology, the School of Education, the School of Business, and the SDA Theological Seminary.

After reading the information given higher, you may be shocked by the requirements of Andrews University. Nevertheless, if you are a Seventh-day Adventist all of them will seem quite normal and natural to you. In the second case it won't be difficult for you to live according to the rules. Probably, you are interested in the amount of finances necessary to study at this university. So, if you make a decision to get an education in Andrews University you will need to pay approximately $17,000 per year for tuition and another $6,000 per year for living on the territory of campus.