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Enjoy Elegant Look of Your Home with Floating Wood Floors Today!

Posted on 22 may 2016 by Julie Hood

Speaking about the floating wood floor, it's necessary to say that it's made of hardwood and can be installed by using gluing the pieces together. It's not required to staple or glue them onto the floor itself. One of the greatest benefits of these floors consists in the fact that they can be mounted anywhere you need, even in the areas where they have never been considered before. This is because this kind of wood floor doesn't need any sort of subfloor to be attached on the surface.

Floating wood floors can be installed even on the vinyl or the ceramic floorings and even in the areas where there is a high level of humidity. The matter is that in such areas traditional hardwood floor can get wrapped or even cracked. So, if you need some perfectly looking hardwood floors that don't have any installation limitations and challenges then the best solution for you will be the floating wood floor.

The installation procedure of this floor is not much different from that of the laminate or the engineered floors. These planks are made in a tongue and groove style and just need to be glued with one another as you will install them on some layering of the foam padding. It's advised to use hardwood at the top layer while you can use the plywood or hardwood at the core layer.

Some people may find t difficult to glue all of these pieces together. If you feel like in a trouble as well, you may be offered numerous kinds of wood floors which don't need glue to be installed. In a word, these hardwood floors are made to combine the installation features of the laminate floors and terrific looks of the hardwood floors. If you have any doubt, check it up yourself!

As it was mentioned higher, one of the main advantages of floating wood floors is that they can be installed in a number of home or office areas where traditional hardwood floors are beyond consideration. And, sorry for repetition, it's due to the possibility not to use glue to place them together on the floor. In fact, this kind of floors can be installed even by a beginner. By the way, this floor can be installed on any sort of a surface, except for carpet.

Another advantage of installing floating wood floor consists in the fact that you don't need to tear off your old floor before creating new one. It's not only about saving much of your precious time but also about making your floors and home I general warmer and cozier.

As the floating wood planks are glued to one another, the entire floor will look as if it is one whole, while it will have a more “separate” look if the planks are fixed directly on the floor itself. These planks tend to look as individual ones, as a consequence. That's why those planks can't be installed in the areas with high humidity, while floating wood floors deal perfectly with this individual feature of the area.

Summing up, it's necessary to say that the main reason for people's preferring of these floating wood floors over other kinds of floors, including the laminate floors, is that they can be refinished as many times as needed. It means that this kind of floating wood floor is very durable and will serve for many years to come. This is another point why you can save your money. However, it's also important to install them properly and to take good care of them, otherwise these floors won't last as long as you can expect.