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Choosing The Right Wireless Door Alarm For Your Family

Posted on 09 june 2016 by Julie Hood

Nowadays, there are a few types of door alarms the most prominent one of which is a wireless door alarm. It offers many advantages which prove to be very efficient for any home. But before getting a wireless door alarm you need to answer one question - whether you really need it. And the answer is obvious that one can hardly find a family who does not need a wireless security system. And it's true because this appliance performs far more functions than just protecting your house from burglars and undesired intruders. This aspect of door alarms we will discuss in detail later.

It should be also mentioned that a wireless door alarm doesn't mean additional financial expenses for a family. On the contrary, having this miraculous device you will save much more money than you have spent on it. But of course the main benefit of a wireless door alarm is that it will help you to keep your property, home, and family safe.

Functions Of Wireless Door Alarms

Probably, the main purpose and function of a wireless door alarm is to inform the homeowners of any person going in and out of their homes. This type of door alarms proves to be very useful for people who frequently have guests in their house and prefer to monitor their arrival. But there are other purposes door alarms are following nowadays. Thus, it's difficult to overestimate the help of these wonderful appliances in looking after small kids, elderly individuals with Alzheimers disease as well as children with special needs. In this way, a wireless door alarm will give you information of what the person you're watching over is doing and whether he or she is going to wander off outside the house.

Today, door alarms are widely used as security systems. They can be located on the entrances to your home, in this way protecting it from different sorts of intruders including burglars. Usually, these devices are used with traditional wooden doors, but you can also apply them for windows and even sliding glass doors. If you would like to use door alarms as security devices, you're recommended to purchase a pre set package in combination with this alarm.

Mechanism Of Wireless Door Alarms

A wireless door alarm doesn't have a too complicated mechanism I should say. Thus, there are two magnetic plates in a basic unit, source Flex Seal Tape. They are aligned if a door is closed. But when there is some break or malfunction in the contact, the alarm will chime or beep so loudly that it will be heard by everyone around and inside the house. This terrible sound can be stopped either by the house owner or special service. The examples of this basic mechanism are the Intermatic SP130B and GE Indoor Magnetic Door Alarm.

However, another technology can be also used. Thus, for example, such an alarm as the LD-40 Wireless Entry Alert Door Chime is able to detect heat that is released by the human body. But this signal can be received by the device only if someone is in range. Specific sound will be also heard.

By the way, it has to be mentioned that different door alarms sound differently not only in terms of the melody but also loudness. Some door alarms can be programmed to release rather soft melodies while others can give off extremely loud aggressive sounds or simply vibrate. By the way, silent alarms are programmed in such a way to send signals to specially designed remote monitoring devices. So, it's possible to notice the movement of living beings in your house even without loud sound.

It's important to say that wireless door alarms use batteries to function, so they are not hardwired into the house's wiring system. Ensure that the power packs of your door alarms are in good shape and function well.

Components Of Security System

Even though wireless door alarms can function as a security device, the security offered by then can be maximized in combination with other kind of security equipment. The matter is that door alarms can malfunction or even be disabled. So, in addition to door alarms, you can also get cameras, motion sensors, and smoke detectors. Such non-electronic devices as bolts and bars can be also added into your security package. The best way to properly protect your family is to purchase a complete system that includes more items than just a door alarm.

Summing up, it's necessary to say that a wireless door alarm proves to be extremely functional and useful in different ways. So, if you wish to shield your property and family in the best way, it's highly recommended to get a wireless door alarm as a part of your home security system. So, start searching for the best devices for your home right now!