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Chinese Crested Temperament and Lifespan

Posted on 16 july 2016 by Julie Hood

The Chinese Crested is happy and alert, but can be stubborn sometimes. He adores his people. You will be kissed and snuggled by your loving little friend. This dog will not accept strangers easily but he will soon get used to your family members and close friends. He makes a wonderful companion and is very intelligent. Be sure that your dog will succeed in training, despite many trainers' opinion that these dogs have low intelligence. The Crested is not a good choice for insensitive owners. These dogs like to be socialized and love their master as nothing more in the world. Cresteds are usually suspicious of strangers but they adore spending time with familiar people. They will bark in order to protect their home. They are very responsible to their guard duty and will do this job perfectly well. The average lifespan of these dogs is from 10 to 14 years.

How Much Does a Chinese Crested Cost and Price Range

The dogs of this adorable breed vary in price significantly depending on several factors. A good and reputable breeder charges around $700-1200 for a Crested pet of high quality. Hairless pet-quality dogs are usually the same price as those with hair. Ensure to get acquainted with all breeders in your area carefully before making the final decision. Ask about the dog's inclination to have health problems because they can be really devastating. Avoid getting a dog from pet shops, puppy mills, or BYB's. This dog should be purchased from a knowledgeable person. There is an opinion that a hairless gene can cause other problems with the dog's health. You may look for a dog in the rescue organization. It can be cheaper but certainly not a show quality dog. Sometimes you can meet really nice dogs there.

Chinese Crested Colors, Shedding, Full Size and Average Weight

The coat of those unique dogs may have different colors and be united in various combinations of blue, mahogany, copper, or lavender. They can be solid or spotted, read more nectar mattress. The hairless individuals have either pink or black skin. The Hairless Chinese Crested is completely bald except for the head, feet, and tail which are covered with soft hair. Hair on the body should be shaved in order to protect the skin. But the use of sun block or moisturizers is prohibited. The dog's skin should remain natural. This type of dogs should be bathed quite frequently with a good dog shampoo. Hairless Cresteds are prone to certain skin problems, for example acne. That is why they should be checked for any blackheads regularly.

Powderpuff Cresteds are difficult to groom. They have a double coat which will mat if not groomed properly. You may shave the face if you wish. Brush you pet weekly. When his hair is changing into adult hair, you are recommended to brush him every day with a pin or bristle brush. Check all mats and pads carefully. Bathe your Powderpuff regularly with a high-quality shampoo. The dog should be towelled off and dried with a fan on a low temperature. The average height for the dog of this breed is between 11 to 13 inches for both males and females. These dogs weigh up to 12 pounds.

Chinese Crested Breed Characteristics, Information and Facts

The Chinese Crested looks very exotically but does not originate from China in reality. His slender shape with fine bones is so elegant and graceful that his beauty is often used for magazines, pictures and even films. The Chinese Crested is a highly friendly dog but can be capricious like a woman. Sometimes he is ready to please you in everything, while at times he behaves like a naughty child. This dog can be very sensitive, so it is not recommended to use harsh methods of training.